Slim Baker Foundation

Slim Baker Foundation For Outdoor Education, Inc.

Slim Baker Trails

The Slim Baker property offers a number of public-use hiking and snowshoeing trails. Wheeled traffic (including bicycles) is prohibited on all trails except the multi-use Worthen Trail, and then only with special permission from the Slim Baker Foundation.

Printable PDF file maps of the trails are available for download — one optimized for printing in black-and-white (here) and one for full-color (here). (Maps are sized to fit on letter-sized paper.) A brief description of the trails follows:

1. Worthen Trail (easiest route to Inspiration Point): 0.17 miles
This unblazed trail follows a wide multi-use road up the western side of Little Round Top, straight to Inspiration Point, on the summit.

2. New Chester Mountain Road: 0.4 miles
This section of trail, blazed in blue and line with stone walls, is the remaining section of the decommissioned portion (1878) of New Chester Mountain Road, which at one time was part of the main road between Concord and Plymouth, New Hampshire. It is wide with an even trailbed.

3. Cabin Trail: 0.2 miles
The Cabin Trail, blazed in orange, connects one end of New Chester Mountain Road with the eastern section of the Stephens Trail

4. Stephens Trail (entire loop over Little Round Top): 0.8 miles
The Stephens Trail, blazed in red, forms a loop that begins and ends on either side of the lodge, with a trip over the summit of Little Round Top near the middle.

5. Greenan Trail: 0.4 miles
This trail is blazed in yellow and follows an old woods road from near the Slim Baker parking area and heads north along an old stone wall before turning right below the craggy northern edge of Little Round Top’s summit and eventually ending at the shelter on the east side of the mountain.

As always, when using any trails on Slim Baker property, please follow Leave No Trace guidelines and protect and conserve the trails for others.